Filling out your recovery card

If you have set your device label successfully you will now see a message on your TREZOR’s screen prompting you to write down the seed.

Your seed is a secret list of words that you will use to recover your money in case you ever lose your TREZOR.

Now you should get out the recovery card that came with your TREZOR and fill out the blanks with the words you see on your screen.


To go to the next word press the right button on the device.

Once you have written down the secret words in your seed you will find yourself at the beginning of the list again. As you proceed through the list of seed words for the second time, check them against your recovery card to ensure that you have filled out your recovery card correctly.

Once you have done so, you’re ready to start using your TREZOR device!


It is safe to unplug your TREZOR device at any time except during updates.


You can print more recovery cards and store them at different physical locations.

Now that your recovery seed is safe and sound on your recovery card, you can continue to Basic Settings.