What’s in the box?

So today you got your TREZOR. Congratulations! In the small box with the shiny TREZOR seal on it you should find:

  • Your new TREZOR
  • USB cable for your TREZOR
  • A little booklet where you’ll write down your recovery seed


Your TREZOR doesn’t have any batteries in it. So you won’t see anything on the screen until you plug it in.

Check the security seal

Make sure that the silver security seal is unbroken to ensure you are working with an authentic TREZOR device.


Since the last batch we have changed the packaging of the TREZOR. Here are the changes described:

  • TREZOR logo does not say “TREZOR The Bitcoin Safe”, but “TREZOR” only the package is slightly bigger (100 x 100 x 13 mm)
  • There is less text on the package
  • Sticker with barcode, UPC code and product name is on every package
  • In the instructions is written to go to trezor.io/start instead of mytrezor.com
  • There are two holographic stickers in this batch (one on each side)
  • Starting with this batch TREZOR contains bootloader 1.3.0 and no firmware. This is done so that you can be sure your TREZOR will be always running the correct FW, and that the first FW will be the most up-to-date one. (In any case, if your TREZOR runs an unofficial firmware, it will display a warning on boot up.)
  • Device buttons built-in test is available since bootloader version 1.3.0., just press a button for 2+ seconds and the indicator on the screen should show up.

Go ahead and plug your TREZOR in now. You should see the glowing TREZOR lock appear on the screen. Now move on to Setting up your TREZOR device.