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What is Blockonomics?

Blockonomics is a web-based bitcoin tracker. Its wallet watcher can be used to see history of your bitcoin transactions, get email notifications of payments and know your total balance. You can also create encrypted invoices, receive payments directly into your TREZOR wallet without the need of opening your wallet.

Blockonomics requires your TREZOR wallet XPUB to be able to perform these functions. It cannot create transactions or send your bitcoins, it is only a wallet watcher.

TREZOR User Manual

To export your account, go to TREZOR Wallet and click on the name of your device. In Basic settings, reveal your account public keys by clicking on Show XPUBs and select account for exporting.


Now you can add your account xpub in address watcher tab by clicking on New Address, feel free to add a suitable tag.


In history, you can view the graph of account balance and your past transactions.


To receive payments, use the receive tab to generate new receiving address. Use the create invoice button to create a peer to peer bitcoin invoice using your address. Invoice amount can be specified in fiat currency like USD. Blockonomics will take care of conversion to BTC at the time of payment.


Properties and Features

Wallet Property Description
Platform Web
Coin(s) Bitcoin
Languages English
Watch-only mode Importing watch-only account and generating new receiving address
Multiple Accounts Capable of working with multiple accounts