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What is Sentinel?

Sentinel is an Android app which lets you safely watch over your TREZOR transactions. Scan one or more of your account publics keys (XPUBs) and Sentinel will keep a close watch, alerting you of any new incoming transactions. It also allows you to generate new receive addresses, so you can receive bitcoin payments directly into selected TREZOR account. Sentinel cannot create transactions or send your bitcoins, it is only useful as a watch only wallet.

TREZOR User Manual

To export your account, go to TREZOR Wallet and click on the name of your device. In Basic settings, reveal your account public keys by clicking on Show XPUBs and select account for exporting.


Now install Sentinel app on your phone or tablet. When it opens, select Scan option and scan QR code in TREZOR Wallet corresponding to selected account public key. If your camera doesn’t work, select Manual option instead and type the public key in. After you confirm it, Sentinel will download all transactions related to the imported account.


You can get more infomation about particular transaction by simply selecting it from the list. To generate new receiving address, click on “+” icon at bottom right corner. If you need to watch another account, click on the settings icon at upper right corner and select Your XPUB and import a new account public key.

Properties and Features

Wallet Property Description
Platform Android
Coin(s) Bitcoin
Languages English
Watch-only mode Importing watch-only account and generating new receiving address
Multiple Accounts Capable of working with multiple accounts