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Bill of Materials

  • 5x SMD 0603 Capacitor 1uF - C1, C2, C4, C10, C11
  • 7x SMD 0603 Capacitor 0.1uF - C3, C12, C13, C14, C15, C16, C18
  • 3x SMD 0603 Capacitor 2.2uF - C6, C7, C17
  • 1x SMD 0603 Capacitor 4.7uF - C5
  • 2x SMD 0603 Capacitor 22pF - C8, C9
  • 1x SMD 0603 Resistor 390k - R1
  • 2x Microbuton P-B17310
  • 1x Micro USB (type B) Receptacle Bottom
  • 1x OLED display 128x64 UG-2864HSWEG01
  • 1x STM32F205RE
  • 1x MCP1703 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
  • 1x ABMM2 8 MHz Crystal