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Basic Settings

After clicking on the Basic tab, you can see following screen:


On this tab, you can change the label of your device, enable / change PIN, see the Total Balance and also view the XPUBs (Account public keys) of your accounts.

Changing label

You can easily change the label of your device just by clicking on the Change Label button. You will be asked to confirm this action by pressing the button on your TREZOR (and entering your PIN if you have PIN set up already).

Enabling / Changing PIN

To see a detailed description on how to choose and enter your PIN see Entering your PIN card.

Total Balance

The total balance of the entire wallet is visible here. Entire wallet means all accounts and addresses.


If you have set up multiple wallets using passphrases, only the balance of the current wallet (using the current passphrase) is visible. More details about using passphrases are in Advanced Settings.

Viewing XPUBs

Account public keys let you view your accounts and generate new receiving addresses even when your TREZOR is disconnected.