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TREZOR Bridge is an application which allows communication between TREZOR and any supported web browser.

You can download the latest version of TREZOR Bridge directly or check the GitHub repository.

TREZOR Chrome Extension

TREZOR Chrome Extension is a convenient way of using TREZOR with the Google Chrome browser without the need to install proprietary software on your computer.

For a more detailed description of how it works and how to install it please visit the following user manual post or GitHub repository.

TREZOR Password Manager (Chrome Extension)


This feature is currently in Beta version for public testing!

TREZOR Password Manager is the ultimately secure way how to store your passwords. No more unlocking all the passwords at once by entering the master password! Unlock and use only passwords you need. All the data are stored at Dropbox and encrypted with private keys generated from your TREZOR.

You need a Dropbox account, Google Chrome or Chromium, TREZOR Chrome Extension, TREZOR Password Manager Chrome Extension and your TREZOR.

TREZOR Manager (Android App)

TREZOR is becoming truly portable! With the release of our new TREZOR Manager application for Android, we are introducing an alternative method how to set up, customize and recover your TREZOR device even without a computer.

It should work on all phones that support USB Host. You will need an OTG cable to connect the TREZOR to your phone or tablet. The app was tested on LG Nexus 5 (Android 6) and Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Android 5).

Currently, the app can be only used for initializing the device, recovering the device, setting up the PIN code and passphrase, and some other settings.

In order to pay with TREZOR via your phone, you will have to install another application. The TREZOR Manager will direct you to Mycelium, as our application of choice.

You can download the TREZOR Manager app from Google Play Store, as a binary APK or see the source code at Github.

For further instructions how to use the App please check our User Manual page.

Seed recovery card

You can print more recovery cards and store them at different physical locations.

Cards are available for download here.